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Beyond is designed to take your eyes on a journey through its visual movement and rich depth of colours. Resistant to tracks, shading, and fading, Beyond’s loop pile carpet is durable and easy to clean.

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*Product names and availability vary from store to store. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team or your local EC Sales Representative.

Features and Benefits

ECONYL® regenerated fibre.

A 100% recycled yarn made from nylon waste such as old carpets, fabric scraps and fishing nets. Through the regeneration process, ECONYL® yarn never loses its virgin qualities which means it can be recycled an infinite amount of times, making it a perfect sustainable fibre solution.

Track resistant.

A high-performing and track-resistant loop pile carpet that ensures no shading marks, fluffing or fading.

Lively texture and vibrant colours.

Beyond takes the eye on a journey through its visual movement and rich depth of colours that will set the foundation for any interior theme.

Durable and cost-effective.

The Beyond range is the perfect balance between elegance and organic styling in a carpet design. Its advanced, innovative design provides a textural experience that is versatile, easy to clean and soft under foot.

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