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Woodchester offers premium polypropylene carpeting, combining high-quality construction with affordability for homeowners, landlords, builders, and developers. With chic heathered colours, geometric patterns, and an organic texture, Woodchester brings style to modern living spaces. Its polypropylene fibres resist staining, moisture, and fading, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting aesthetic appeal, even in high humidity.

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*Product names and availability vary from store to store. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team or your local EC Sales Representative.

Features and Benefits

Premium polypropylene carpet.

Woodchester provides an outstanding combination of high-specification quality and affordability for homeowners, landlords, builders and developers.

Style for modern living.

With a combination of chicly heathered colours, geometric patterns and a rich, organic texture, Woodchester sets an ideal foundation for contemporary interiors.

Virtually cares for itself.

Woodchester’s polypropylene fibres are impervious to staining, will not absorb dyes, and will not absorb moisture. This ensures exceptional ease of maintenance, even in high humidity

Colourfast and made to last.

Designed to retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come, Woodchester’s colours will not rub off or bleed, and strongly resist fading from sunlight and general wear.

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