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Orchards’ combination of chic design with durability, elevates spaces with earthy colours and a striated pattern. Its construction mirrors the elegance of wool, yet maintains a pristine appearance free from wear marks.

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Features and Benefits

A touch of wool-like class.

Orchard provides an outstanding combination of high-specification quality and affordability, with a rich texture and subtle heather that strongly, and beautifully, resembles wool.

Durability meets opulence.

Incorporating a luxurious feel into bedrooms and living spaces, Orchard excels in enduring abrasion and maintaining its plushness. With an extra heavy-duty rating for residential use, it thrives even in high-traffic areas like hallways and rumpus rooms.

Stylish simplicity.

The neutral, earthy tones of Orchard offer a versatile canvas for a variety of contemporary interior designs and furnishings, epitomizing chic simplicity.

Colourfast and made to last.

Designed to retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come, Orchard’s colours will not rub off or bleed, and strongly resist fading from sunlight and general wear.

Easy to maintain.

While Orchard’s heathered colours excel at concealing dirt, cleaning is a breeze when needed. Resistant to stains, moisture and mould, this carpet ensures hassle-free upkeep.

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