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Our History


Established in 1963, Edwardstown Carpets has grown and evolved astronomically. They were humble beginnings on De Laine Avenue, Edwardstown.


A passion for creation and innovation. Installing our first Tufter!


Growth was upon us. Edwardstown Carpets backing line was installed at 8 De Laine Avenue.


RL (Australia) delivering our latex glue from Melbourne. An estimate of 1,452km per trip.


Whatever it takes to get the job done, our carpet transportation methods have improved since.


Dedication to excellence. Studio, a 100% Wool Fibre carpet added to the range.


Innovation at the forefront. Changing our backing from jute to synthetic blue-stripe back providing a more flexible, dimensionally stable secondary backing system.


A new era. We launched 4 100% recycled ECONYL loop pile carpets with Carpet Court, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability in the industry.


New beginnings. The construction of our state-of-the-art facility begins at Lonsdale.


Coming together. Offices, warehousing and manufacturing finally merges under one roof at 3 Meyer Road!


Dedication to a greener future. Installing 75,000L rainwater tanks at our new factory in Lonsdale, minimising our dependency on the reticulated water supply and reducing our impact on climate change.

Infrastructure is in progress to direct our harvested rainwater into our future finishing line process.

Closing the loop on our waste. By partnering with Aquafil, we now recycle approximately 5 tonnes of PA6 nylon every 2 months. 

Integrating this process has lowered our impact on global warming by reducing up to 90% of the CO2 emissions during production.


Sticking together. Our new glue tanks at our new site, each holding an estimate of 45,000L of latex glue. By investing in a self-compounding glue facility, we cut out deliveries from Melbourne, reducing our carbon footprint by over 40 tonnes of CO2 per year.


A fresh future. Edwardstown Carpets undertook a company-wide rebrand to become simply EC, with a nod to our heritage but an ever-expanding vision for the future.

2023 - 2024